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I haven't updated this in a while-I'm not too big on writing in the LJ! But since there is NOTHING else to do.....WHATS UP LJ!

I thought I was gonna die today......after i went on a picnic (made me think of those good ole Tanglewood days!!!) at hanes park with Thomas, Hope, Nick, Cat, & Lindz-E, we went to Thomas' (& hope & nick's) church 4 youth(thanks for bringing us!).  I really like Thomas' youth group; its just a bunch of ppl from other schools (like Reynolds..."Are you a hot Reynolds boy?" <yeaaa that was DEF the question of the night) but as I was saying.....everyone is really down-to-earth tho-not judgemental at all. But AnYwAyZ...Jen & Allison were there too!!!

But we were all just sitting around doin this game thing about aliens in movies & other stuff & the lights were flickering & then they totally went out!!! it was :::WICKED:::!!! Then when we looked at the windows & it looked like lights were flickering outside----hmmmm...stellar!...but we all went into the hallway & sat along the wall & everyone was talking about this "TORNADO"....wow it was pretty scary! Well, the pizza we ordered came!!!....kinda random yea....and we just hung out forever while ppl played the guitar, got to know each other, just hung out pretty much.  Well we finally decided to go home, knowing that there was no power at home & that there were housefires everywhere in DC & transformers on fire!!

It prob took us a year to get home b/c so many roads were blocked....it was crazy--trees had fallen on top of cars-the only light existant was the headlights on cars---no stoplights were working....crazy shit!

So the power was out at home forever & now that it is back on I'm not tired at all-i wish i were! But WHATEVER TREVOR!<thats the new thing! "4real bill/whatever trevor/whats it like mike/damn sam/no moe"/theres more.....>yea we made them up tonight when we were bored & there was NO power & we had NOTHING to do----yea yea were real cool!

But ANYWAY 2 more weeks of cheerleading!!!! Thats all im focused on right now!!!-getting it out of the way!!! When cheerleading is over.....life will be good again!!!! Untill then-ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I cant wait to get outta DC!!!

Peace & hairgrease!!!!

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